Diploma in Nursing

The course prepares graduates for the challenges of the healthcare industry, comprising the nursing sciences, health sciences and behavioral sciences. Students will experience learning through classes, laboratory work and via clinical placements. For their clinical competencies, students will be posted to hospitals such as those owned by the Murni International College to enable them to nurse patients with general conditions and diseases. Nursing is an integral part of the healthcare team and are professionals that are in great demand worldwide. Highly skilled graduate nurses can seek employment both locally and abroad. The Diploma in Nursing course offered by Murni International College has been designed to provide graduates with the knowledge, skill and competence required to be a confident and caring nurse.

The students will also experience nursing in the community and in mental health institutions. The students will be supervised, guided and mentored by experienced and committed lecturers at the college and by competent and dedicated clinical instructors in the clinical areas. Nursing is a field that encompasses the needs globally. It includes patient care for primary, secondary and tertiary. At present nursing not only pioneered by women but men also have many involved in this field. Overall nursing can provide total care for and give satisfaction to the customers. Nursing is a profession that is recognized internationally as registered with Nursing Board Malaysia. Nursing Diploma graduates who underwent three years of courses and passed all the examinations specified in the curriculum will have the ability to care for holistic .This accordance with the conditions that have been set by the Nursing Board Malaysia.

Murni International College strives to be an Institution which can provide high quality of education and produce graduates that are holistic and can meet the demands of the labor market as well as graduates who can contribute to the religion, society and the State.

Program Code:
MQA/FA 5362

Credit Value:
106 Credit

type of award:

Field of study:
Allied health

language of instruction:

3 years

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