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Dr. Ramlee Mohd Junus

CEO of Murni International College

"College of your choice"

Assalamu`alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and Warm Greetings.

Thanks for visiting the MURNI website. The details provided within are aimed to provide you with information on your interest in MURNI as well as to assist you in your planning to pursue your education; MURNI should be your College of choice.

Over three exciting decades have gone by and MURNI is privileged to play its role in the development of human capital needs at the local and international levels. The challenges over the years have made us more resolute in our journey towards providing you with the best in higher education.

At MURNI, we give priority to our graduates’ employability. It is our focus to provide industry relevant courses and to ensure that these courses meet current trends dictates much of what we have to offer students. MURNI is specializations program in Nursing, Medical Assistant and Healthcare Management, has complemented the marketability and the employability of our graduates.

A complete learning experience goes beyond academic achievements. Relevant personal enhancement experiences are also equally important as we mould our graduates to be competent professionals. Be a part of our self-enhancement activities aimed towards nurturing your soft-skills attributes. From a range of community engagement efforts, to activities aimed towards appreciating and preserving the environment, you will somehow find something to be engaged in while at MURNI.

The commitment and drive of MURNI team will ensure we meet head on, any challenges that may arise in the future; and that we will continue to achieve success for our staff, customers, community and other stakeholders.

I invite you to take on a fascinating journey and explore the realm of limitless opportunities here at MURNI INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE. Come discover with us your true potentials.

Thank you and keep well.

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