Diploma in Healthcare Management


The Diploma in Health Care Management is a 3-year programme that provides comprehensive coverage of the health care management needs within the health care industry. It aims to groom students with the appropriate health care management knowledge, personal skills and business leadership skills to enable them to contribute effectively to the management of health services and the planning and attainment of goals and objectives.

Diploma in Health Care Management is designed to produce students who are knowledgeable in the field of hospital administration, health science and hospital technology that will become the basis for the preparation of a more intergrated and competitive workforce in healthcare management industry. The programme encompasses both medical and management fields. The programme is built over four (4) major areas with a capstone applied practicum (clinical placement) during the last semester that will allow trainees to put their knowledge to practice in a community and hospital administrative setting. The 4 major areas are the Management Process, Health Policy and Planning, Behavioural Science/Allied Science and Basic Science.

Program Code:
MQA/FA 3436

Credit Value:
101 Credit

type of award:

Field of study:
Allied health

language of instruction:

3 years

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