Diploma in medical Assistant

Diploma in Medical Assistant diploma program is aimed at providing students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable them to practice as a medical assistant or assistant medical officer. Teaching and learning activities geared to reflect significantly and discover the human body system functions such as the cardiovascular system, respiratory and other, related cellular and molecular aspects of normal and diseased body. After graduating from the program, graduates will be able to understand, diagnose, treat simple illnesses, caring and curing in the center of health and disease. At specific level, the Medical Assistant provides services to various specialist departments and programs such as the orthopedic department, General Surgery Department, Anesthetic and Intensive Care Unit, Department of Urology, Neurology and other departments and units in government or private hospitals.

The duration of Diploma in Medical Assistant training is 3 years (6 semesters). 3 semesters are allocated for theory and practical studies, and 3 semesters are for clinical practice in hospitals and health clinics.

Program Code:
MQA/FA 8746

Credit Value:
103 Credit

type of award:

Field of study:
Allied health

language of instruction:

3 years

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