Student service in Murni International College is aim to fosters the comprehensive growth of student and their academic success by providing learning opportunities and experiences of campus life. Some of the services and opportunities provided including as below.

• To represent students with additional support requirements to the College.
• Assisting the college to provide high quality support to students by supporting college Departments and Services
• Monitoring current practice and provision
• Identifying, developing and implementing good practice.


• Mentoring has long been recognized as a powerful tool in career development. Early career psychologists are advised to find mentors, either informally on their own, or to participate in formal mentoring programs. Regardless of how a mentor and mentee are matched, etiquette and ethics demand that the relationship be conducted in a professional manner with consideration and respect for both individuals.
• Mentoring is a dynamic process and a developmental network of mentoring can help mentees identify several mentors who can address a variety of career-related needs. Successful mentorships often evolve into friendships with both partners learning and providing support for the other.


• The Student Counselling and Development Service serve full-time students and it is staffed by a professional counsellors.
• Through the following services, the counsellor will assists students to overcome adjustment difficulties, derive success and satisfaction from their college experiences, career development as well as achieve personal growth and self-enhancement


• The Student Services Centre provides students with one-stop centre for students activity. It provides a comfortable place for student with free internet access. The aim of this centre is to accommodate student a place where they can have a group discussions, activities and chill out after classes.


• PTPTN application ( online )
• PTPTN suspension
• PTPTN extension
• Repayment of PTPTN

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