Diploma In Medical Assistance No kelulusan JPT (R/722/4/0015)

Providing students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable them to practice as a medical assistant.


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Diploma In Healthcare Management No kelulusan JPT (N/720/4/0044)

To produce students who are knowledgeable in the field of hospital administration, health science and hospital technology.

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Diploma In Nursing No kelulusan JPT (R/723/4/0126)

Provide total care for and give satisfaction to the customers. It includes patient care for primary, secondary and tertiary. 

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News Update


Peluang Kerjaya Di Kolej Antarabangsa Murni.

  • Juruteknik
  • Pegawai IT

Hantarkan resume anda ke:

sebarang pertayaan boleh hubungi: 06-7907343


Sponsorship Unit and  Student Loans  of Murni International  College

PTPTN loans

Sponsorships and student loans unit responsible for managing the loan into students of MIC .

PTPTN related services that are provided in units of sponsorship and loans are :

  • PTPTN application ( online )
  • PTPTN suspension
  • PTPTN extension
  • Repayment of PTPTN

Please visit our website for more information PTPTN.


  • EPF (Production of EPF account parent/ guardian)
  • State Government Loan (Pusat Zakat Foundation of the State and the state).
  • Kuok Foundation Berhad
  • Yayasan sabah.

Please visit the official website of these agencies for more information * will update from time to time if there is a new sponsor.




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