Diploma In Medical Assistance

Providing students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable them to practice as a medical assistant.

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Diploma In Healthcare Management

To produce students who are knowledgeable in the field of hospital administration, health science and hospital technology.

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Diploma In Nursing

Provide total care for and give satisfaction to the customers. It includes patient care for primary, secondary and tertiary. 

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  • Pensyarah Pembantu Perubatan
  • Pegawai unit Kewangan 
  • Pegawai Unit kemasukan pelajar
  • Warden (cawangan Alor Setar)

hantarkan resume anda ke  (06 7907343)



Sponsorship Unit and  Student Loans  of Murni International  College

PTPTN loans

Sponsorships and student loans unit responsible for managing the loan into students of MIC .

PTPTN related services that are provided in units of sponsorship and loans are :

  • PTPTN application ( online )
  • PTPTN suspension
  • PTPTN extension
  • Repayment of PTPTN

Please visit our website for more information PTPTN.


  • EPF (Production of EPF account parent/ guardian)
  • State Government Loan (Pusat Zakat Foundation of the State and the state).
  • Kuok Foundation Berhad
  • Yayasan sabah.

Please visit the official website of these agencies for more information * will update from time to time if there is a new sponsor.

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